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Human Body Explo 2nd E

Hands-On Investigations of What Makes Us Tick
2nd Edition

Get hooked on life science with the Exploratorium's new Human Body Explorations book. The collection includes twenty-eight rigorously tested, hands-on activities that help learners discover how their bodies work – on both the microscopic and macroscopic level. Suitable for middle school age children through adults, all the explorations use low- or no-cost materials. Detailed preparation information, scientific background, and explanations are included, as well as classroom management guidelines for teachers.

2nd Edition also features:

* Updated scientific information based on breakthroughs in scientific research. For example, inclusion of information stemming from completion of the Human Genome Project. This information is reflected largely in updated Background, Discussion, and "Tidbit" sections, as appropriate.
* Changes in procedures in activities to make them even easier and more relevant to your students (but this was only done in 2 activities)
* Updated Resource Guide in the Appendix

You can browse through some of the science projects found in Human Body Explorations here.

Price: $ 15.99


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