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As a young artist, Christopher Marley spent many years in tropical regions the world over where insect populations are flamboyant and profuse. His fascination with the creatures gradually prevailed over an initial phobia, leading to lengthy study of entomology and to arduous excursions to locales where the gaudiest beetles dwell.

Marley's work with insects reflects his desire to impose order on a scuttlin, clicking, and swarming world. His minimalist arrangements of outrageous color invite inspection and wonder; preconceptions fade as we contemplate these creatures' breathtaking beauty. Although the ensembles are anything but organic, the colors are natural and not enhanced or digitally altered in any way.

Marley asserts that an increased appreciation for these jewel-like beasts can help slow the willful destruction of their habitat - which, unlike individual collection, is the only true threat an insect species faces.

1000 Pieces

Pomegranate Puzzle: Exquisite Creatures

Artist Christopher Marley has an appreciation for the aesthetic brilliance nature has given the insect kingdom. He assembles insect specimens into dazzling patterns, and then photographs these arrangements. In his piece called Exquisite Creatures, Marley has gathered beetles (order Coleoptera) and true bugs (Hemiptera) into a gorgeous insect army, resembling jewels rather than creepy-crawlies. Be dazzled by this array while you assemble this 1,000-piece, interlocking puzzle.

$ 19.95

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