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It's the portable version, the one you take in the car, keep on your desk or bring to school.

The Mini Sphere also magically expands from 5" to 12" and it is addictive; just TRY to put it down. Perfect for kids and stressed-out adults.

Mini Hoberman Sphere

Stress reliever, brainy hand toy, funny crumpling thing—you decide what you want to call it. But the Mini Hoberman Sphere is one thing for sure: a little bit amazing. Composed of six great circles that correspond to the edges of an icosidodecahedron, it's capable of folding down, in a scissor-like way, to a fraction of its size. It's also a little hard to stop playing with. Spin it on the floor, toss it to a friend, then squash it down to a spiky chrysanthemum shape, and let it rest on your shelf.

$ 16.95

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