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Feeling confident after completing the original Perplexus? Think you've mastered the art of twisting and turning while defying gravity? Not so, friend.

Presenting Epic - the newest in the line of Perplexus mazes. With gnarly new obstacles that require a whole new lwvel of concentration and finesse, Epic is here to humble you! Its impressive 125 barriers are certain to entertain, challenge and frustrate you to Epic proportions!

Perplexus Epic

If you are obsessed with finessing your way through 125 barriers and challenging zones like the Gondola, Escher’s Stairs, and the Serpentine, then you are playing the advanced maze game of Perplexus Epic! You will be humbled, frustrated—yet mesmerized—into fine-tuning your tilting, twisting, and rolling skills to get that little metal ball through this maze in a clear, plastic sphere. Good for helping children develop their dexterity and motor skills. Great for encouraging long periods of focused attention.

$ 31.95

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