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Escape! That’s the goal. Rush Hour is a premier sliding block game designed to challenge your sequential-thinking skills (and perhaps your traffic-officer aspirations as well).

There are 40 challenge cards and four levels of play: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

To Start, select a challenge card and place the cars and trucks on the playing grid as indicated.

There is only one exit. You must shift the blocking cars and trucks out of your way until the path is cleared to make good your excape. Once you begin to play, you can not pick up a blocking car or truck. Only sliding is allowed.

Start with Beginner challenges, and move up from there. By the time you hit Expert challenges you’ll be ready for some of the meanest traffic unsnarling challenges ever imagined. If you find yourself hopelessly gridlocked, just dump the pieces our of the frame and start over.

Drivers… Start your engines. Happy Motoring!

Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Logic Game

Think being stuck in traffic is no fun? Well, think again, because when you look at navigating gridlock as a puzzle to be solved, then the game is on! Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Logic Game features brightly colored cars and trucks that you place into a grid template, based on the layout card you draw. Move a car each turn, follow the traffic "laws" of the game, and find a way to give your little red car a chance to escape the jam. With 40 new challenges.

$ 19.95

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