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T3 is an intelligent mobile kit that requires no fossil fuel - no batteries. Its animated movements are activated by nature’s gift of sunshine.

T3 easily transforms into three intergalactic designs: Tank, Robot, and Scorpion. Easy instructions and basic building skills are that’s needed for young science fiction buffs to see the benefits of solar energy before their very eyes.

Transforming T3 Solar Robot

If robots ever get around to taking over the world, they should seriously consider finding a renewable energy source. Well, the T3 Transforming Solar Robot has figured this out, and how to be engaging to young robot masters, too. This toy snaps together to convert into three different style robots: Tank, Scorpion, and Robot guy. Set it in the sun, and its tiny solar panel gathers up enough energy to let it walk or roll about. Comes with easy instructions, and absolutely no intention of becoming our overlord.

$ 22.95

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