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Learn all about buoyancy and aquatic propulsion when you build this working wooden catamaran! Simply pop the wooden pieces out of their molds and you're ready to start building. The strong, waterproof hardwood will float on any body of water, and provides a natural, craftsman's look to the catamaran. With propulsion that is as easy as the tug of a string, the catamaran is as fun to sail as it is to build.

Catamaran Kit

What can your child build that, when finished, looks almost too beautiful to play with? The Haba Terra Kids Catamaran toy boat with a paddle wheel not only looks cool when it's constructed, but it really works on the water. With 50 precut, precise wooden pieces and elements for making it a working paddler, this kit comes with easy-to-read instructions. It's a hands-on way to learn some basic engineering concepts.

$ 37.95

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