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The Japanese art of origami (paper folding) has grown world wide. Beginners as well as enthusiasts enjoy creating unique forms using a colorful array of Origami papers. With AITOH's Origami Mobile Kit you can create five fun and colorful mobiles and display them for family and friends.

This kit includes:* Step-by-step illustrated instructions
* Origami papers: 5 sheets solid Origami paper, 32 colorful papers, 8 double side papers
* 18 gauge wire for hanging mobile
* 34 gauge wires for stringing folded Origami
* Decorative red thread

Origami Mobile Kit

Equilibrium meets the craft of paper folding! With the Aitoh Origami Mobile Kit, you’ll create a kinetic sculpture of dangling, twirling paper artworks. Start by folding up cranes, angel fish, stars, fans and parrots. Bust out your needle-nose pliers (not included) to cut and bend the wire, and then attach your paper artworks with string. Calder would approve. Includes 45 sheets of origami paper, 18 and 34 gauge wires, decorative red embroidery floss string, instructions.

$ 12.95

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