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A creative robot with mechnical and scientific powers. This new futuristic robot can doodle a picture while virbrating and demostrates energetic spinning powers. Vibration and spin help this creative robot doodle a picture without your guiding hand. Parts, pens and assembly instructions included. Add a AA battery (not included) and be ready with a picture frame.

Doodling Robot

A favorite project in the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio™, the doodling robot is a multilayered project that inspires further creativity. With the 4M Doodling Robot kit, you build a small drawing robot with a vibrating motor. Once assembled and turned on, it will randomly bounce about, all the while creating scribbling drawings from its three felt-pen legs. Kit includes all the parts you need; you provide a screwdriver for assembly and one AA battery.

$ 15.95

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