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The Robotic Arm Edge is a fully controllable robotic arm, featuring an opposable gripper, wrist motion of 120 degrees, and an extensive elbow range of 300 degrees. Part robot, part construction project, this kit contains all you'll need to build this fully-functional model. And with a lifting capacity of 100g, a claw-mounted search light, and expert motion controls, there's no end to the new uses you'll find for it.

Robotic Arm Edge

Build your own working robot arm! Voted “Best Pick of 2008” by Dr. Toy, the OWI Robotic Arm Edge kit has everything needed to make a functioning robot claw. Similar to the large ones used in automobile factories, but you control it to grab and pluck objects weighing up to 100 grams—like a stack of 20 nickels, or 25 packets of sugar. With a built-in searchlight the fun can be extended into challenging nighttime play. Four D batteries needed, not included.

$ 61.95

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