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Laugh with impish glee as you are able to mess up a person's hair, ruffle their shirt or dress, or send their office papers flying with a puff of air that seems to come from nowhere. One of our best sellers, Airzooka is essentially an air slingshot-- launching a "ball" of air up to 20 feet and surprising the heck out of the uninitiated, 11"x11"x11".

Ages 8 and up


Shoot a ball of air that packs a windy punch with Airzooka! Invisible to the human eye, but strong enough to knock a crumpled ball of paper off someone’s head—the gust generated by the Aizooka moves in a 20-mph rolling donut-shape, known as a stable torroidal vortex of air. You'll safely hit your target at 20 feet or ruffle leaves at 40 feet. Pulling and releasing a built-in elastic air launcher supplies the power, so no batteries are required. A pop-up site improves your hair-messing accuracy, and as long as there's atmosphere, you’ll never run out of ammo. Airzooka chamber measures 10 1/2" x 10 x 3/4" x 7 1/2". Available in purple, green or black.

$ 21.95

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