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Here's a new way to shoot hoops. The Zero Blaster uses the same principle of science that causes tornadoes, hurricanes, and other naturally occurring vortices to create and shoot fog rings up to 14 feet.

Comes with special cherry-scented "fog-making fluid". Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). Measures 7.5"x9"

Adult supervision is recommended. The fluid is safe and non-toxic.

Zero Blaster Vapor Vortex Generator

Maybe we don't have functional jetpacks or lightsabers—yet, but we can certainly pretend. The Zero Blaster Vapor Vortex Generator is more than just pretend: Shoot it and you get real, foggy smoke rings that radiate forth up to 14 feet, like something out of an old time-y Flash Gordon episode. Comes with a nontoxic, water-based fog liquid. Refill fluid can be purchased online. Great toy for kids and adults alike; an excellent addition to any sci-fi costume.

$ 24.95

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