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This is an ingenious construction system that stimulates children's creativity while it teaches simple mechanics. Children will have fun exploring ways to combine the colorful variety of pieces: square plates interlock easily to form flat or 3-D structures; meshing gears create exciting movement in a spectacular chain reaction. Each gear is decorated with a different design that stimulates color perception and recognition. Kaleido Gears is made of soft, washable plastic, totally safe and unbreakable.

Georello Kaleidogears

Imported from Italy, Quercetti Georello Kaleidogears help stimulate creativity and intuitive reasoning in kids, while teaching simple mechanics through a system of patterns and designs. By combining a colorful variety of interlocking pieces, children can create a variety of unique shapes on a movable plastic base. Square plates interlock easily to form flat or 3-D structures, while meshing gears provide intriguing chain reactions. See how many ways you can make the gears spin. Manufactured in three sizes, each gear is decorated with eye-catching designs to stimulate color perception and recognition.

$ 30.00

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