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Put the human heart in your hands! When completed, the 3D model opens so students can explore the heart's inner workings.

Features superior and inferior venae cavae, right and left atria, tricuspid valve, right and left ventricles, pulmonary artery, mitral valve, aortic valve and aorta.

Includes 29-piece plastic model, display stand, and guide with facts and photo-illustrated assembly instructions

Measures 5" when assembled.

Human Heart Anatomy Model

Look into the heart's inner workings—and find out what's hidden in its chambers. The 4D Human Heart Anatomy Model is an incredibly detailed, mini-sized ( 3" long), and easy to snap together. With 32 detachable parts, this muscle of love comes with an assembly guide that includes anatomical facts and quizzes. Displays on a stand when not being lovingly handled.

$ 21.95

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