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4-Pod Ant-O-Sphere

Did you know ants relate red light to darkness? The 4-Pod Ant-O-Sphere Kit uses a system of clear and red-colored pods to simulate an "above" and "underground" sensation for the ants, best recreating a real colony environment. Enjoy stress-free viewing into the life-style of your ants, with magnifying lenses at each corner—plus, you can see them, but they won't be able to see you! Ventilation holes, as well as a three-wall design allows the ants to crawl suspended above, they like this—and it contributes to a more harmonious home for your six-legged specimens. Kit includes pods, tubing, legs and baseplates, O-rings and plugs, as well as tweezers, pipette, feed container and instruction booklet. Ants are ordered separately online.

$ 26.99

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