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Call it a model or call it a puzzle. Either way, this delighful demonstration of the inner workings of a plant cell is purely fascinating. Put it together, deconstruct it and reassemble it as many times as you like. The 26 hand-painted components make for a fun and educational building expetience. Learn about the spatial and biological relationships between the various plant cell components, and for extra fun, compare the plant cell to the animal cell, to see how the two differ from one another in contents and function. A display stand and an assembly gide are included.

Stands about 9" tall.

Plant Cell Model

Proudly standing at attention on its cell wall and display stand—your 4D Plant Cell Model puzzle kit awaits your next investigation into its kingdom of organelles. Transparent on the outside for peeking at its super detailed parts, which you can take apart and become familiar with after putting it together again. From the ribosomes to the vacuole and endoplasmic reticulum, this model teaches the wonders of how these miniature worlds work to perform photosynthesis, and feed the whole plant body. Comes with a handy guide to help you assemble and understand this tiny world.

$ 28.95

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