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This small, 39-piece model shows the skull, brain and cranial nerve, serving as a guide to how all of those components fit and work together. The finely detailed, hand-painted pieces can be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled as many times as you like, giving you a feel for the anatomical relationships of the various features of the human head. A display stand and an assembly guide are included.

Stands about 6" tall.

Cranial Nerve Anatomy Model

This petite, yet realistically detailed human anatomy model may be only 3” tall, but it is certainly thought provoking. The 4D Cranial Nerve Anatomy Model snaps together easily, and once put together shows how the spinal cord connects to the brain, and how the brain and cranial nerves all cozy up inside the skull. With 39 necessary parts, you'll use this model to boast about your anatomical knowledge, since it sits on a stand perfect for your desk.

$ 19.95

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