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This robotic creature reacts to light and sound.

Crab will hide in shaded areas until a loud sound or exposure to light chases it out into the open.

Crab will change direction autonomously in pre-programmed intervals or in reaction to loud sounds.

Please indicate your color preference in the comments section of your order.

Hexbug Crab

There are crabs that live in tide pools, deep on the seabed, in the rainforest and even high up in coconut trees. Our Hexbug Crab is a high-tech toy robot that lives with you. This charming, mechanical crustacean responds to sound and light, so a handclap sends it scuttling sideways, changing directions at preprogrammed intervals, until it finds itself in a shadowed spot. Fits in the palm of your hand, batteries included, and comes in five different clear candy colors (red, turquoise, green, blue, or black). We pick your crab color based on availability.

$ 17.95

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