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A fuel cell is an environmentally friendly energy production device that holds great promise for the future. With this award-winning science kit, you can build a model car that runs on hydrogen gas using a unique reversible fuel cell. See for yourself how a car can work without any fossil fuels.

First, use the fuel cell to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Then, plug in the motor and the fuel cell uses these gases to produce electricity that moves the car across the floor or table. The only by-product is clean water.

The special Proton Exchange Membrane in the fuel cell allows it to both split water into hydrogen and oxygen and combine those two gases into water, making it a reversible fuel cell. Some fuel cells, such as this one, do not consume any fossil fuels and therefore are considered environmentally friendly.

The full-color 16-page manual provides clear step-by-step- instructions and scientific explanations. Find out about fuel cells and other alternative energy sources, and try your hand at designing your own fuel cell car.

$ 139.00

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