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Optical Illusion Toy
Wait! It was there a minute ago. At least I thought it was . . . . That's what you'll be saying when you play with this fascinating mirage maker that creates a mirage right before your eyes. Even the camera sees it -- but you can't touch it, and neither can anyone else. These amazing three-dimensional real images provide hours of head-scratching fun. Measures 9.5" across, 4" tall.

3D Hologram Maker

Perhaps no smoke, but definitely parabolic mirrors at work with this desktop "magical" illusion! Watch as the unwary reach to take a piece of candy, loose change, Frodo's ring or whatever small object you want to turn into a hologram. The Mirage Maker Instant 3D Hologram Maker optical illusion toy is made of two 9” x 3” saucer-like discs, with a 2 3/8” opening on top, where your object of choice appears to float and tantalize the next unknowing visitor.

$ 42.95

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