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Grow your own sparkling Crystal Cluster of up to 4 inches in diameter. Discover the laws of nature which create crystals deep inside the Earth.

It's easy and fun: place a rock into the crystal growing vessel. Dissolve the Space Age Crystal Growing chemical in hot water and pour the solution into the vessel. Let it cool down to room temperature and after just a few hours the first crystals will start to grow. They will continue their growth for several days and can be removed from the solution after about one week. Proudly display your home-grown Space Age Crystal.

Space Age Crystal Growing Kit: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a clear blue-turquoise variety of beryl crystal mined in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The color is awesome, but not always stable. With the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit, you'll make a laboratory version of this Caribbean-ocean-colored, sparkling crystal when you dissolve the packet of chemicals in hot water and pour the solution into a clear vessel of your choice. Within hours, witness the twinkling of crystalline formation, and in a few days pull a multifaceted crystal from the evaporating solution. The instructions include how you can follow the scientific process of observing and documenting the formation of your crystals, and draw thoughtful conclusions.

$ 11.95

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