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Learn how pulleys can be used to transfer force with reduced friction and how to increase force or speed at amazing levels. Build 7 working models including a stationary bike, a construction crane, a crane bridge, a moving bridge, a material lift, a windmill and a blender. A 36 page activity book is included with innovative experiments and detailed explanations of the different technological principles applied! A booklet with detailed building instructions is also included.

Pulleys: A Mechanical Science Kit

By using pulleys, force can be transferred with reduced friction. Kids can learn how pulleys are used in windmills, oil drills, and other machines with the Engino's Pulleys: A Mechanical Science Kit. The kit includes a 36-page activity book with experiments and detailed explanations into the technological principles being applied. Build up to seven working models, including a stationary bike, blender, and construction crane.

$ 39.99

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