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What are Contraptions?

Contraptions are made simply by stacking these precision-cut, identical planks. No glue or connectors are used, just gravity and imagination. Construct ramps and chutes, tracks and towers, tunnels, funnels and more! Each Contraptions construction set comes with two specially designed KEVA balls that are lightweight and bouncy for maximum action. The "bounce" provides some of the most surprising moves. Make the ball roll, twist, bump, bounce, hop and stop. The Contraptions manual shows you the simple steps needed to build numerous clever Contraptions - it's loaded with dozens of full-color photos, tips and instructions. But the fun really rolls when builders design their own Contraptions. The ball may start on a table, roll off the edge, down a shaft, onto a catwalk, into a funnel, and... where to next?

$ 49.95

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