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Learn about energy sources and to "think green." Have fun learning about environmentally-friendly energy and how the electricity in your home works. Snap Circuits Green includes a full-color manual and separate educational manual that explains all forms of environmentally-friendly energy including: geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, and others.

Snap Circuits Green: Alternative Energy

Give kids an opportunity to have fun while safely learning about alternative energy sources such as windmills, hydroelectric power, and liquid batteries. With more than 125 projects, the Snap Circuits Green: Alternative Energy kit utilizes a safe, snap-on circuitry grid. More than 30 color-coded components, including an FM radio, solar cell, LEDs, windmill, analog meter, and others can be combined in a variety of configurations that demonstration the wonders of electronic circuitry and how renewable energy is generated. An included green-energy manual provides in-depth explanations of different energy sources.

$ 79.99

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