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Contraptions are made simply by stacking the planks. No glue or connectors are used - just gravity and imagination. When children play with contraptions, they learn simple and complex science principles such as slope, velocity, force, momentum, balance, inertia and more. Young builders will begin to understand these concepts through hands-on, active experience... often without even realizing it.

Keva Contraptions: 50 Piece Set

The principals of slope, velocity, force, momentum, balance and inertia tend to be more easily demonstrated than described—and Keva Contraptions: 50 Piece Set supplies the tools. This set wooden Keva© planks, with two balls, can be transformed into a luge, turbine, shooting gallery, curved conveyor, slalom and much more. You can also use the planks to build a contraption of your own design. Precision stacking, aided by gravity and imagination, is all it takes to achieve highly complex feats of engineering. Detailed instructions are included, and no glue is required.

$ 19.95

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