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It has never been easier to learn the fundamentals of circuits and electronics than with these kits. The Snap Circuits kits feature bars which snap into place along the circuit board, changing open circuits to closed ones, and feature a number of resistors, capacitors, transistors, and items that run on electric current to make things happen.

Each kit also features a manual showing a number of the experiments that can be done with that kit.

Ages 10 and up

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr.

With Elenco Snap Circuits Jr., kids get a safe introduction to the wonders of electronic circuitry. More than 30 color-coded components snap together on a plastic grid to power a variety of electric parts. In this science kit a sound-activated switch, busy builders can make a siren blare, a musical doorbell ring, send a circular fan blade whirling, and more. These kits are compatible with others in the Snap Circuits line. No soldering is required, but AA batteries are needed.

$ 34.95

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