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Now you can experiment with solar energy... the energy source of the future. Our solar educational kit is designed to let you build your own models.

The solar cell modules, when placed in direct sunlight or close to incandescent light bulbs, generate power similar to batteries. Discover by yourself how to harness the energy of sunlight and apply it in countless practical applications. Solar energy uses are limided only by your imagination.

Ages 10 and up

Deluxe Solar Educational Set

You know that 60 watt bulb in your bedside lamp? Well, it's barely a jot when compared to the petawattage (one quadrillion watts) our sun douses Earth's upper atmosphere with—around 174 petawatts a day. With the Solar Deluxe Educational Set, the concept of solar power and the technology to harness it are brought to the hands-on learning level. Build, then power a chime, a fan, and, of course, a light, when you learn how to use the solar cell modules in this kit. With a multivoltage solar panel and instructions, you are encouraged to go forth and apply this inexhaustible power source to other applications.

$ 24.00

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