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Why does a brick feel heavier than a pencil? At what angle should you throw a ball into the air to get the greatest distance? How is a screw like a ramp? Why can you balance more easily on a bicycle when you are moving than when you are stopped? How does a car transfer power from the engine to the wheels? What is power anyway? In Physics Workshop, you will discover the answers to these questions and many more by building models and conducting experiments with them.

You’ve probably had a chemistry set. But have you ever had a physics set? Physics is an essential science for everyone to study, and this kit is an excellent introduction to physics. Through the process of building 36 models and conductiong subsequent experiments with each model, you will learn the fundamental laws of mechanical physics. Gravity, force, simple machines, acceleration, momentum, work, and power are all demonstrated right in front of you – a hands-on approach that is fun and effective.

Physics Workshop includes more than 300 building pieces. The full-color 64-page book presents assembly instructions, experiments, real-world physics applications, and fun activities in a richly-illustrated, easy-to-follow manner.

Ages 8 and up

$ 54.95

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