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A fresh new spin on a classic drawing activity. This book's four sturdy plastic drawing wheels make it remarkably fun to create perfectly swirly spiral designs. Use the included color-changing gel pens to add depth to your spirals, giving them a uniquely 3-D look. The book is packed with draw-right-on-the-page ideas and cool craft projects to do with the spectacular spirals you make. It will have you going around in circles -- and loving it. Written by Doug Stillinger.

Klutz: Spiral Draw

Swirly, spiraling patterns are as mesmerizing to make as they are to look at. With the Klutz Spiral Draw kit, four sturdy plastic drawing wheels, a frame and six color-changing gel pens are the tools you wield to create 3-D like designs, scenes of geometric wonder and op-art illusions. An activity book with crafty ideas and spiral-themed projects will keep the creativity rolling along.

$ 19.99

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