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Papercraft is an extensive survey on the insatiable trend of innovative art and design work crafted from paper. It explores the astounding possibilities of paper and gathers the most extraordinary creations from a vast spectrum of artistic disciplines ranging from graphic design, illustration, character design, urban art, fine art, fashion and animation. The examples in the book run the gamut from small objects and figures to large-scale art installations and urban interventions as well as three-dimensional graphic sculptures. The included free bonus DVD offers even more exciting papercrafted projects with fun DIY printable templates for creating your own paper characters and toys in addition to a curated selection of paper-based films and music videos.


 By Robert Klanten and Sven Ehmann 


Folded, cut with knives or lasers, embossed, collaged, and glued, paper is currently the medium of choice for many contemporary artists and designers. Klanten and Ehmann's Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper book is a collection of extraordinary artworks, from clever illustrations to sculptural installations that fill rooms. You'll find this eclectic roundup entertaining and inspiring. Includes a DVD that features printable templates for creating paper art activities, as well as a selection of paper-crafted, stop-motion animation shorts. Hardcover, 255 pages.

$ 65.00

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