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By Carl Zimmer

In 2007, writer Carl Zimmer began noticing that more and more scientists were sporting science tattoos. Fascinated, he reached out via his blog, "The Loom," and began to receive a steady stream of tattoo imatges, along with compelling personal stories about the designs. In Science Ink, Zimmer has collected more than 300 of these thought-provoking tattoos. Expanding on the stories of each one, he deftly explores the science behind the ink and reveals the passions and obsessions of science lovers around the world.

Science Ink

by Carl Zimmer and Mary Roach


Mostly culled from science writer Carl Zimmer's popular blog, The Loom, this collection of images of tattoos worn by lovers of science is full of beauty, humor and enthusiastic love of geeking out in a permanent way. Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed features plenty of amazing images, which are paired with the compelling, personal stories behind the designs. More than 300 photos of tattoos in this book also provide a leaping off point for reflective essays on the science themes represented in these works of body art. Hardcover, 288 pages.

$ 24.95

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