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This bundled SKU contains the following items: 26041 - Build Exploratorium Book 25736 - Sustain Exploratorium Book 26042 - Under Exploratorium Book

Build/Sustain/Under Book Collection

Our new location came to be through years of planning, designing, and an amazing series of engineering feats. The result is a facility that embraces the history and bay ecology of San Francisco’s waterfront, as well as forward thinking into our goal of Net Zero waste. These elegant photography books, with images shot by Exploratorium staff photographer Amy Snyder, bring to life the creation of our new home. Build tells the story of how the new Exploratorium, on a historic pier, took shape. The renovation is easily one of the biggest engineering challenges the institution has ever tackled. Under takes the reader into the bay waters, directly underneath Pier 15, where divers and boat crews worked from the mud up to retrofit and re-engineer the foundational pilings and infrastructure. Sustain addresses the Exploratorium’s commitment, in the design and operations of the museum, to our Net Zero waste goal.

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