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This bundle contains all of the Sir Cumference books: The Sword in the Cone The First Round Table The Dragon of Pi The Great Knight of Angleland The Isle of Immeter All the King's Tens The Viking Map

Sir Cumference Collection

Add adventure to a child’s math education when you introduce them to the Sir Cumference book series. Written by Cindy Neuschwander, and illustrated with amusing paintings by Wayne Geehan, this set of seven books are each set in a mythical medieval kingdom, and follow the heroic quests of the knight Sir Cumference , his wife Lady Di of Ameter, and their son Radius. They rescue citizens, hunt for treasure and generally save the kingdom all while solving geometry and math puzzles. Written for third to seventh graders. This set includes The Sword In the Cone, The First Round Table, The Dragon of Pi, The Great Knight of Angleland, The Isle of Immeter, All the King’s Tens and The Viking Map.

$ 49.95

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