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by David M. Schwartz, illustrated by Marissa Moss

Wait a minute - this isn't your everyday, ho-hum math book. Where else can you find A is for Abacus, B is for Binary, N is for Nature, and W is for "When are we ever gonna use this stuff, anyway?" This book will surely delight readers with noggins for numbers, but David Schwartz's trademark wit and Marissa Moss's quirky pictures will also beckon even the most math phobic.

G is for Googol

By David M. Schwartz, illustrated by Marissa Moss 


M is for Mobius Strip, A is for Abacus, T is for Tessellate and H is for Hundred - put them together and you get a fun way to introduce kids to mathematical concepts. With its quirky drawings and humorous text, G is For Googol: A Math Alphabet Book, will delight even the most reluctant young math student. Also a great teaching tool for elementary school math teachers. Hardcover, 56 pages.

$ 15.99

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