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By Patrick Buckley and Lily Binns

The Hungry Scientist Handbook brings DIY technology into the kitchen and onto the plate. It compiles the most mouthwatering projects created by mechanical engineer Patrick Buckley and his band of intrepid techie friends, whose collaboration on contraptions started at a memorable 2005 Bay Area dinner party and resulted in the formation of the Hungry Scientist Society - a loose confederation of creative minds dedicated to the pursuit of projects possessing varying degrees of whimsy and utility.

Featuring twenty projects ranging from edible origami to glowing lollipops, cryogenic martinis to Tupperware boom boxes, the book draws from the expertise of programmers, professors, and garden-variety geeks and offers something to delight DIYers of all skill levels.

The Hungry Scientist Handbook

 By Patrick Buckley and Lily Binns 


Have you ever longed for an LED-infused lollipop or craved some cryogenic ice cream? Believe it or not, these items can be produced in your own kitchen—the ultimate lab. From edible origami to a portable beer-can stove, The Hungry Scientist Handbook is an amusing, yet informative DIY cookbook has it all. It even provides directions for fermenting pomegranate wine and making a Tupperware boom box. Clear, detailed instructions with photos on almost every page will have you baking electric birthday cakes before you know it. Paperback, 224 pages.

$ 16.99

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