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A Math-Free Exploration of the Science That Made Our World

By James Kakalios

As a young science fiction fan, physicist James Kakalios marveled at the future predicted in pulp magazines, comics, and films. By 2010, he was sure we'd have flying cars, underwater cities, and robotic assistants. But what we ended up with - laptop computers, MRI machines, Blu-ray players, and dozens of other real-life marvels - are even more fantastic. In The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics, he explains why the development of quantum physics enabled out amazing present day.

While touring the history of science fiction - everything from Jules Verne to monster movies of the fifties to the graphic novel Watchmen - Kakalios reveals the true challengers of the unknown: physicists such as Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrodinger. Kakalios describes their groundbreaking discoveries and explains the three deceptively simple rules of quantum mechanics. With clear illustrations and straightforward analogies, Kakalios makes quantum mechanics understandable for us mere mortals, explaining everything from the periodic table to the atomic bomb. Kakalios then elucidates how an understanding of the fundamental properties of atoms and light made our modern lifestyle possible, enabling us to carry computers in our pockets, use laser light to store and read information, and see inside the human body. Finally, Kakalios looks to the future, outlining how quantum mechanics will continue to advance human progress, from the coming nanotechnology revolution to promising new sources of energy.

A winning blend of pop culture and hard science, The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics reveals the physics behind our world.

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