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By Al Seckel

Have fun trying to figure out these classic optical illusions in this beautifully illustrated volume. Each colorful conundrum is a deviously delightful form of visual and mental trickery.

Don't believe what you see! There are topsy-turvy, flip-flopping images that are designed to confuse you. Is that a cat or a mouse? In which direction are the fish moving? Can you find both male and female legs?

Are your eyes deceiving you? You'll think so when you look at the impossible figures inside. Each one will intrigue, baffle, and entertain you. Remember, your eyes will tell you that these illusions exist, but they may elude you.

Vertical lines appear to be bent, but are they really straight? Circles look like they cross each other, but are they actually perfect? These are just two of the imponderable color puzzles that will fascinate you for hours. Some of the illusions are so convincing, you may not realize you're being fooled until you've read and checked the caption.

All of the illusions will amaze you!

$ 14.95

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