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By Albert Schafer, Illustrated by David Wyatt and Levi Pinfold


Wonder how Harry Houdini performed his amazing escapes? Burning to learn the art of making a friend appear to levitate? Sleight of hand is the science of perception in action, and the secrets of the world's most famous magicians and illusionists—from the ancient Egyptians through the early twentieth century "Handcuff King" himself—are contained within! This pop-up book is more than a fascinating history of magic, Illusionology is also an indispensable guide, unveiling step-by-step instructions for more than 25 astonishing feats. Includes a magical "dematerializer," a set of trick playing cards, a pair of "disappearing spot" paddles, and a "levitating" card! Hardcover, 30 pages.

$ 19.99

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