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You can’t learn to swim without getting in the water, and you can’t learn about science just by reading facts. Through experiments, observations, and explanations, Exploratopia shows kids how to explore the world around them, how to ask questions, and how to experiment to find the answers. This 384-page book for children eight and older is filled with more than 400 activities using simple, readily available materials, making it ideal for families, homeschoolers, and teachers on a budget.

From huge clouds to tiny ants, from Isaac Newton to elephant droppings, from physics to forensics, Exploratopia features astounding ideas, hands-on experiments, fascinating facts, and hundreds of eye-popping, full-color photos and illustrations. Representing 25 years of Exploratorium activities and knowledge, Exploratopia will serve as a source of information for school reports, inspiration for science fair projects, and ideas for fun science activities everywhere a young explorer might be—the kitchen, the backyard, or even the amusement park.

You can browse through some of the science projects found in Exploratopia here.

$ 29.99

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