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You weren't planning to cool your drink with that standard vaguely cubical stuff, were you?... or worse, the boring half-moon shape your fridge churns out? Well fear not intrepid nerdy party planner! Pi Ice is here! Yes these stylish silicone ice trays cast frozen H2O into the symbol for your favorite irrational number. The chicks will swoon when you hand them a drink filled with Pi Ice, and Archimedes will give you a big thumbs up for your tasty Pi Jello shots.


Silicone ice cube tray creates frozen water in the shape of the Pi symbol
Perfect for simultaneously conveying your knowledge of mixed drinks and math
Great for casting other materials, such as meat loaf, in the shape of the Pi symbol
Pretty Impressive to Archimedes
Tray makes 12 Pi Ice cubes at once
Each cube is approximately 2.24" x 1.75" x 0.5" deep

Pi Symbol Ice Tray

To freeze the perfect pi, try the Pi Symbol Ice Tray. It makes 12 pi-shaped ice cubes—er, ice pis , or –pi-ce.” But no matter what you call them, these frozen mathematical symbols for the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (3.14159...), are sure to enhance your next Archimedean cocktail, or that glass of iced tea. Made of flexible, dishwasher safe silicone.

$ 11.95

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