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To set Oahaca in motion, pull the Saturn on top until the string becomes taught. You can either let go of the pull string, or you can keep holding the Saturn to guide the string. If Oahaca is falling over too much, spread its legs apart slightly, while keeping all six booties touching the ground. If it is active enough, bend the wire on the knees so the booties are closer together. Enjoy!

Wind-Up Oahaca

Standing on six buggy legs with rubber-booted feet, the Wind-Up Oahaca is whimsical with a mini Saturn head at the end of its neck. Pull on the head to set the spring coil into motion. With double spinning counterweights, itêll wobble and dance in a way its cousins just canêt. Comes in assorted colors, 5.4” x 4” x 3.1” in size.

$ 14.95

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