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Never before has something so little given so much on 35mm film! Explore square or rectangular "half frame" frame modes, multiple and overlapped exposures, flash, long night time exposures and much more with the Diana Mini!

Diana Mini Camera

The craze for the Diana is not just a fad. Once thought of as just a plastic toy for kids, this camera has proven it can take lovely, moody images other cameras canêt quite accomplish. Uses 35mm film, and you can set it to shoot either 72 rectangular half-frame images or 36 square photo pictures. Capable of doing multiple exposure or long exposure shots, this is something youêll never get your digital or cell phone camera to do with such richness. This Diana Mini Camera comes with a cable-release attachment and a fun guidebook to stimulate creative exploration. It's compact, too, and fits right in your pocket, where you won't forget to use it often.

$ 59.00

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