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If you are one of those folks for whom things must be "just so," then this cutting board is for you. The OCD Chef is made of strong, long-wearing beechwood, and it clearly spells out the most precise measurements in exactin detail. So, don't worry... it's OK to go a little overboard. And if you want to wash it twenty times after you use it, we won't tell.

The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

Is cooking an art to you? Well it's also a science, and that requires precision. Some cooks are happy with a slapdash approach, but for those of you who want those diced carrots exact to the eighth of an inch—we present the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board. Made of sturdy beech wood and featuring a detailed measurement grid, this cutting board will ensure your julienned beans are artfully cut to an exact 45 degree angle.

$ 27.99

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