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This unique set of cookie cutters features four shapes straight out of the lab... test tube, flask, beaker, and atom. These LARGE, thick-walled, heavy duty chemistry-themed cookie cutters are 25mm deep (1 inch) to make nice thick cookies! For reference, the test tube is about 15cm (just under 6") long, and the beaker measures 8cm (just over 3") across the body. Boxed and ready to go for any science enthusiast. These cutters even come with a scientifically tested recipe for great cut-out cookies!

Science Lab Cookie Cutter Set

Baking is all about chemistry, and like many experiments, too much or too little of something and all you get is a mess. Same with cookies: precise measuring is the difference between deliciously chewy treats and dry disks not worth dunking to save. Celebrate your respect for the scientific method by cutting your cookie dough with the Science Lab Cookie Cutter Set. One test tube, atomic shape, flask, and beaker will help you create some tasty geeky goodness.

$ 15.95

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