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Human brains have a larger and more complex neocortex than lesser animals. We humans also have the unique ability to artificially chill beverages. And of course we're well known for our highly-evolved sense of humor, as evidenced by Brain Freeze, the ice tray that makes four frosty brains. So let's celebrate our higher powers by raising a glass - because a brain (not to mention a cocktail) is a terrible thing to waste.

Brain Freeze Ice Tray

It was a human brain that conceived of creating the freezer, and thus the making of ice to chill our beverages when nature is not able to provide it. The Brain Freeze Ice Tray pays homage to cool minds and mini ice sculptures—while helping to encourage more witty and thoughtful imbibing at your next cocktail party. Creates four, bigger-than-a-golf-ball frosty brains, and yes, we know you have the recipe already. Made of dishwasher/freezer safe food-grade silicone.

$ 10.95

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